A Patented Solution

We have devised and patented an innovative signaling server technology that allows multicast streaming onboard without the need to install additional hardware and/or implement new software. Our solution has the ability to multicast encoded Live TV broadcast feeds in such a way that the onboard WiFi reception only takes in a single feed per channel, which all passengers can use simultaneously. This yields a bandwidth and data saving of between 75% – 90% which removes the main cost barrier to entry into the market and makes Live TV streaming instantly affordable for every airline.

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Our solution differentiates itself from other forms of Live TV transmissions in the transport industry. It

  • Is hardware and software agnostic and works on all embedded screens as well as all passenger owned devices
  • Is completely flexible in terms of channel availabilities. We have no fixed bundles or minimum channels. All channels and quantities can be selected a la carte
  • Can be scheduled on a route-specific basis
  • Caters for both 24/7 Live TV as well as one-off events such a major sporting finals, music concerts, etc.
  • Requires no additional hardware or software
  • Comes with our own proprietary DRM
  • Achieves a data cost saving of 75%-90%.