When BBC Global News commissioned a study into live infight entertainment in late 2019, the results were resounding. The survey confirmed that access to live television inflight is as important to passengers as WIFI connectivity and that a large proportion are prepared to pay more for a flight offering this service.

06 Sep 2021

IIM+ launches multicast streaming for inflight LIVE Radio and Television

When broadband Internet is available onboard aircraft, passengers show a penchant for streaming subscription video on demand services. But even some high-capacity inflight connectivity systems can face bandwidth constraints if many passengers seek to stream at the same time.

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Delta launches free Wi-Fi

At CES, Delta Air Lines today announced that it will launch free Wi-Fi for all members of its SkyMiles frequent flier program starting February 1. This free service, which the company is launching in partnership with T-Mobile, will be available in the majority of the company’s domestic, Viasat-enabled mainline aircraft first, with full availability across its regional aircraft and on international flights by the end of 2024.

23 Jan 2023

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J-AIR first regional airline to offer free IFEC in Japan

Japan Airlines (JAL) has entered into a contract with Intelsat for the supply of inflight connectivity (IFC) services on Embraer E190 aircraft flying with its subsidiary airline, J-AIR.

16 Jan 2023

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Panasonic sees industry adoption of free Wi-Fi model by end of decade

Delta Air Lines’ vision of offering free onboard Internet to all passengers in 2023, as revealed in an exclusive, pre-holiday report by The Wall Street Journal, is the type of model that will be embraced by the rest of aviation, including major airlines, by the end of this decade.

09 Jan 2023

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FIFA World Cup garners massive inflight viewership via Panasonic

Underscoring the enduring popularity of inflight live television, a staggering number of airline passengers watched the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 games onboard aircraft featuring Sport 24 and Sport 24 Extra — the channels which broadcast live sports content 24 hours a day on international longhaul flights, are produced by IMG, and are available exclusively in-flight from Panasonic Avionics.

02 Jan 2023

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Condor adds inflight internet to A330neo fleet

Condor’s newest planes will fly online. The carrier added in-flight connectivity to its A330neo fleet, providing internet service in the sky to passengers via the new Condor FlyConnect system.

26 Dec 2022

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European Commission allows 5G connectivity on flights, opens up new opportunities for innovation

Airlines will be able to provide the latest 5G technology on their planes, alongside previous mobile technology generations as the Commission updated the implementing decision on spectrum for mobile communications on-board aircrafts, designating certain frequencies for in-flight 5G technology.

19 Dec 2022

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Air Canada adds live television on board

Live news and sports is now flying on Air Canada. The carrier is adding six channels of Canadian television, in English and French, to its inflight entertainment package. More than 40 planes already have the service active.

12 Dec 2022

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SmartSky Networks showcases power of connected aviation with Cessna Citation X pact

After partnering with service providers to showcase the power of connected aviation at both the NBAA-BACE 2022 in Orlando, FL, and then again at the recently-concluded APEX/IFSA EXPO in Long Beach, SmartSky Networks announced the availability of its air-to-ground (ATG) connectivity service offerings for the Cessna Citation X series aircraft last week as well.

05 Dec 2022

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Pairing, casting and streaming: The next generation of inflight entertainment emerges

The inflight entertainment industry has evolved massively since the days of overhead screens and pneumatic headsets. On-demand content and live television on individual high definition screens are a far cry from a projector mounted to the cabin ceiling.

28 Nov 2022

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SpaceX eyes Starlink Aviation inflight Internet kit deliveries in 2023

SpaceX has branded its Low Earth Orbit satellite-supported inflight connectivity service as Starlink Aviation and is urging aircraft operators to reserve the solution now for “priority deliveries” beginning in 2023.

21 Nov 2022

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Panasonic Avionics to offer OneWeb-powered inflight connectivity

Four and a half years after Panasonic Avionics vowed to reserve a portion of its GEO satellite capital to support a multi-orbit strategy with Low Earth Orbit satellites, the inflight entertainment and connectivity giant has partnered with OneWeb to market, sell and support the London-based LEO operator’s low-latency Ku-band connectivity service for commercial airlines.

14 Nov 2022

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TIM, Intelsat team up for free 2Ku inflight internet in Brazil

Subscribers on Brazil’s largest mobile phone company network now can access inflight internet for free.

07 Nov 2022

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Inflight Wi-Fi: New framework paves the way for interoperable, secure and seamless onboard connectivity

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) today announced publication of “In-Flight Wi-Fi Connectivity: Improving Passenger Experience, Engagement and Uptake,” a report that explores how airlines, service providers and other stakeholders can make it faster and easier for travellers to get and stay connected onboard aircraft.

31 Oct 2022

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IFC-Equipped Fleet Will Double By 2030, Says Report

The number of IFC-equipped commercial aircraft is expected to double by the end of this decade, according to a new report.

24 Oct 2022

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AZAL introduces the latest in-flight entertainment system

The National air Carrier of Azerbaijan is starting to introduce an entertainment system on board of aircraft according to a new principle.

17 Oct 2022

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Elon Musk’s Starlink held an in-flight WiFi demo on a private jet after Delta passed on a deal with SpaceX

Reporters who attended the media event said the in-flight WiFi hit speeds over 100 Mbs — more than enough connectivity to seamlessly stream videos, surf the internet or even host live video chats.

10 Oct 2022

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Frontier Airlines recently held talks with SpaceX about adding Starlink Wi-Fi

Frontier Airlines “recently” held discussions with SpaceX about adding its Starlink satellite internet service to its planes and is more hopeful about adding such a product than in previous years, the carrier’s CEO told CNBC on Thursday.

03 Oct 2022

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IFC Players Revisit Familiar Questions About the Business Model Versus Demand

Mobility, and in particular aviation, remains a key barometer for the satellite industry, as it looks to diversify its revenue streams away from video/broadcast. In Flight Connectivity (IFC) remains a key target market for many big players.

26 Sep 2022

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JSX CEO Gives Starlink In-Flight Internet Updates at FTE Global

JSX expects to begin operating its first passenger-carrying flight featuring SpaceX’s Starlink in-flight connectivity (IFC) service by October, according to comments made by the charter operator’s CEO Alex Wilcox at the Future Travel Experience (FTE) Global event this week.

19 Sep 2022

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Qatar Airways picks Inmarsat GX for Super Wi-Fi service on 787s, MAX 10s

With the upcoming World Cup 2022 in Qatar the airline is keen to prove that it can also deliver football content to passengers as they travel to and from the host country.

12 Sep 2022

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In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) market set to double in coming decade

Analysis by a leading space consulting and market intelligence firm shows a 10% increase in the number of commercial aircraft connected to in-flight services compared to 2020, totaling 9,900 planes by the end of 2021. Within the next decade, the number of aircraft using such services is expected to double to more than 21,000.

05 Sep 2022

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Intelsat goes multi-orbit with OneWeb LEO option for airlines

Commercial airlines will soon have another option for in-flight connectivity (IFC) delivered via low earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

29 Aug 2022

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SmartSky Networks announces nationwide coverage

SmartSky Networks next generation mobile broadband network is live nationwide.

22 Aug 2022

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Inflight Internet session model drives new SLA language for airlines

When it comes to acquiring capacity to support inflight connectivity, a growing number of airlines are adopting a per-session model.

15 Aug 2022

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Airbus plans connectivity business using Zephyr high-altitude drone

Airbus is planning to use its uncrewed aerial system drone Zephyr as the technology springboard into a new connectivity business spanning both ground and inflight technology.

08 Aug 2022

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Gilat, Intelsat expand strategic IFC partnership in Japan

Intelsat is augmenting its commercial and business aviation services in Japan to support even higher levels of IFC reliability for air travelers by expanding the network with two additional SkyEdge II-c hubs.

01 Aug 2022

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Dash 8 adds IFE/C with Starlink option

In an industry first, Starlink inked an agreement with De Havilland to integrate the connectivity platform on board.

27 Jul 2022

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Flying is terrible, but at least the WiFi is improving

Airlines are upgrading their service — and dropping the price

21 Jul 2022

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Spirit flips the switch on Wi-Fi across A320s and A321s

The year is 2018. Spirit Airlines is flying high on its “Invest in the Guest” initiative and a major contract with Thales InFlyt Experience to install Ka-band satellite-powered onboard Internet across its entire fleet by summer 2019.

14 Jul 2022

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SITA research shows increased passenger demand for mobile and touchless technologies

The SITA 2022 Passenger IT Insights research has highlighted that passengers are further embracing mobile and touchless technologies to make the journey as convenient and seamless as possible.

06 Jul 2022

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U.S. approves SpaceX’s Starlink internet for use with ships, boats, planes

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday authorized Elon Musk’s SpaceX to use its Starlink satellite internet network with moving vehicles, green-lighting the company’s plan to expand broadband offerings to commercial airlines, shipping vessels and trucks.

01 Jul 2022

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Airbus advances 5G ATG connections in China

China remains, somewhat surprisingly, one of the least connected aerospace markets in the world. Once again, however, there are hints that could change with the deployment of a massive air-to-ground network.

20 Jun 2022

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Anuvu to upgrade Wi-Fi on Southwest Airlines’ current fleet

High-speed connectivity and entertainment solutions provider Anuvu has announced it has partnered up with Southwest Airlines to modernise the carrier’s in-flight connectivity equipment across 350 of its 737NG aircraft.

09 Jun 2022

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Wizz Air expands fflya connectivity commitment

Wizz Air will fit its UK fleet with satellite-based internet access. The carrier plans to expand its trial of the fflya product from AS-IP Tech to 19 aircraft according to a recent regulatory filing.

01 Jun 2022

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Onboard Wi-Fi Grows In Importance

The airline inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) sector is experiencing major change, with significant consolidation among major players, a new audience to entertain and disruptive technologies on the rise.

26 May 2022

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Sports Dominates Live Streaming Viewing

DALLAS—Sports content continues to dominate the growing live streaming space, with three out of five (61%) people who live streamed programming in the last three months saying they live streamed sports content, according to a new study from Parks Associates.

09 May 2022

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Hawaiian to offer free onboard Internet as it signs for Starlink

Hawaiian Airlines is vowing to offer free high-speed Internet to passengers on its transpacific flights after becoming the first major airline to ink an agreement for SpaceX’s forthcoming Starlink inflight connectivity solution.

25 Apr 2022

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX signs first deal to provide in-flight WiFi using it Starlink Internet satellites

SpaceX has inked its first deal with an air carrier to provide in-flight wireless Internet using the Starlink satellite network, the space company said on Thursday as it jockeys with other burgeoning satellite firms to put high-speed internet on commercial airlines.

22 Apr 2022

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BA’s EAN: 1.5 Mbps just doesn’t cut it in 2022

Prior to the pandemic, British Airways’ provision of the hybrid air-to-ground/S-band satellite European Aviation Network-powered inflight connectivity service proved to be disappointing for your author: speed-limited to the point of near-unusability, and even then with a paltry 50 MB data cap on those slow speeds before slowing to a trickle.

13 Apr 2022

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Radio Audience Rises To All-Time High

Rajar, which releases the figures on behalf of commercial radio industry body Radiocentre, estimated that 49.5 million people are now listening to UK radio, equating to 80% of the UK’s adult population.

03 Feb 2022

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Global Extends its Lead as the UK’s Number One Commercial Radio Company with its Best-Ever Audience Results

Global grows its audience with its radio brands now reaching a massive 25.8 million people every week through radio alone, with hours up to 242 million hours and taking 24% market share.

03 Feb 2022

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Mediacorp continues reign as Singapore’s top audio network with ‘significant jump’ in listenership

SINGAPORE — National media company Mediacorp continues its reign as Singapore’s top audio network with an increased dominance on the airwaves, according to the latest Nielsen Radio Survey conducted from August to October this year.

17 Dec 2021

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Music Licensing Expert Proposes Solution to Increase In-Flight Audio Engagement

In a conversation last week at APEX TECH in Los Angeles, music licensing expert Iain Kemplay highlighted many reasons why travelers might be avoiding in-flight audio. But his proposal to resolve them proved the most surprising part of the session.

04 Feb 2020

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Airlines Sound The Death Knell For In-Flight Seatback Screens

Do you like watching a movie or a favorite TV show during a long flight? Be prepared to watch on your tiny smartphone screen if you don’t remember to pack a tablet.

13 Oct 2019

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