No. IIM+ does not access data on any passenger personal device.

IIM+ is partnering with the world’s largest radio companies to deliver the most-loved radio stations to your passengers. Radio is enjoying a renaissance. This year radio achieved their highest-ever audience reach. Passengers will no longer wait for airline releases, music will be current, genres will be varied and news will be reliable and immediate.

Quite simply, in the world of sport, LIVE is king. A BBC Global News study found that 62% of passengers are more likely to choose an airline if it offers LIVE content. They’re also willing to pay extra for the privilege. IIM+ will also open a plethora of revenue stream opportunities for airlines. The time is now.

IIM+ is hardware and CSP agnostic. That is to say, any aircraft that is internet enabled (KU or KA Band) in your fleet will be able to enjoy the many benefits of IIM+.

Passengers can enjoy the IIM+ technology on their own devices – phone, tablet or laptop. Enquiries regarding seatback screens can be discussed.

This choice is yours. Importantly IIM+ LIVE Radio offers a higher quality of entertainment at a significantly lower price than the current inflight audio offerings. Programming, production, duplication and royalties that relate to the status quo are replaced by LIVE Radio.

IIM+ is a technology provider. We offer a solution that reduces bandwidth usage between 90-95%.

IIM+ has the ability to schedule route-specific stations as well as one-off a la carte events for designated routes. Importantly, your loyal customers enjoy familiar content.

The IIM+ innovative and patented signalling server technology ensures a consistent ‘at home’ user experience at minimal bandwidth requirements.

One of our biggest advantages is that the IIM+ solution does not require you to purchase or install any hardware or software. We’re ready to go! Email us on sales@iimplus.com