No. All the passenger needs to do is to login on the airline portal to view the available IPTV channels.

One key advantage of IIM+ is that all channels are provisioned on an a la carte basis. Airlines can reach out to their local broadcasters (as long as they have an IPTV feed) or tap into the IIM+ global catalogue for selection.

No. IIM+ is hardware and CSP agnostic. That is to say, any airlines with an internet enabled (KU or KA Band) fleet will be able to enjoy the many benefits of IIM+.

Another advantage of IIM+ is that airline passengers can enjoy the IPTV channels on their passengers owned devices as well as the seatback screens. All the airline needs to do is to whitelist our IP address and your passengers can enjoy IIM+ on your seatback screens.

Airlines can offer this service as part of their IFE or potentially, have an additional revenue stream.

As channels are streamed as linear broadcasts dubs / subs depend on the original broadcast transmissions. ✓

IIM+ has the ability to schedule route-specific channels as well as one-off a la carte events for designated routes.

No, one of our biggest advantages is that our solution does not require you to purchase and install any hardware or software.

All an airline requires is for the aircraft on which they want to use IIM+ to be enabled with KU or KA band internet connection.

Yes, IIM+’s Customer Portal gives our clients complete visibility to monitor the data usage on an ongoing basis.

  • – No additional hardware or software is required
  • – Channels can be selected on an a la carte basis, no fixed packages
  • – Works on both embedded systems and PEDs
  • – Can facilitate 24/7 linear broadcasts as well as one-off events
  • – Lowest operating cost in the industry